1. To establish and maintain a robust and realistic Business Continuity procedure as a practical basis for the management of Business Continuity.
  2. To have in place cost-effective resilience and damage mitigation arrangements.
  3. To recover operations, as rapidly as possible, following an incident or circumstances that prevent an acceptable level of service.
  4. To ensure operations remain in service for its customers whilst considering and addressing the needs of its employees and families.


Mirfa International Power & Water Company (MIPCO) shall make every effort to ensure that it is protected against risks and threats that could materially disrupt or interrupt its operations. However, MIPCO recognises that the unexpected could and may happen, the effect of which could compromise the ability to meet acceptable standards of business and of ethical behaviour.

MIPCO shall:

  • Analyse the threats to our business and implement control measures to either eliminate risks or mitigate them to an acceptable
  • Determine the time-critical activities within our business and the impact of their loss; documenting the people, systems and equipment necessary to recover these activities in the required
  • Ensure the Business Continuity Plan stipulates the necessary actions in the event and following an incident/disruption to safeguard people, the environment, our assets and systems, and maintain or restore business-critical
  • Allocate roles and responsibilities and provide the necessary training to ensure that our responses to all phases of the Business Continuity Plans are
  • Ensure the Business Continuity Plan is regularly tested and implement identified
  • Ensure that Business Continuity Plans remain current; updating them to reflect organisational changes and lessons learnt from testing and/or
  • Ensure that those responsible for planning improvement projects include resilience commensurate with business
  • Ensure that our organisation remains compliant with its legal and regulatory obligations related to Business Continuity


Key aspects of Business Continuity arrangements at MIPCO include:

    • Cost-effective resilience and damage mitigation measures;
    • A comprehensive Business Continuity Plan that;

→ Identifies critical process, plant and supply chains;
→ Identifies business-critical systems and persons;
→ Identifies and establishes persons and teams with specific responsibilities for BCM;

  • Routine testing and validation of the Business Continuity Plan; and,
  • Regular staff

Specific responsibilities and arrangements for implementing the policy are defined and detailed in MIPCO’s appropriate procedures and documents