Zero harm to people.


Mirfa International Power & Water Company (MIPCO) is committed to achieving high standards of Health and Safety not only in respect of its own employees; but also in relation to contractors working on the MIPCO site, visitors and members of the community who may be affected by the plants activities.

We are aware of our legal obligations and the requirements and expectations of our stakeholders, and we are fully committed to meeting these obligations. The successful management of health, safety and staff welfare is a key management objective and we fully recognise the contribution that this makes towards our overall business performance. In addition, we fully recognise that accidents and ill health commonly result from failings in management systems and control, and these we strive to continuously improve.

We will operate and maintain the MIPCO facility so that proper provision is made for health, safety and welfare of our employees at work, and of others who may be affected by our activities, with the commitment to achieve an accident-free site. We will provide safe and healthy working conditions, equipment and systems of work. We fully support the concept of consultation with our staff on health and safety matters and have established a Health, Safety and Welfare Committee to provide a forum for such consultation. This policy will be distributed to all staff and will be reviewed on an annual basis.


Key aspects of Health, Safety and Welfare arrangements at MIPCO include:

    • Provision of appropriate levels of physical and financial resource to meet our health, safety and welfare obligations;
    • Promotion of a positive safety culture by observing safety behaviour and where necessary positively change safety behaviour;
    • Identification and control significant risks by risk assessment;
    • Safe systems of work, including a Permit to Work System;
    • Assessment of employee training needs based upon assessed hazards and compliance requirements;
    • Surveillance of staff to ensure the impact of our operations does not affect the health of our employees;
    • Consultation with employees on H & S issues through the health, safety and environmental forum;
    • Regular health and safety site inspections;
    • Regular internal and external audits of our health and safety arrangements i.e. OHSAS 18001, ISO 9001, etc.;
    • Reporting and investigating all accidents and incidents;
    • Reporting of leading indicators (unsafe acts and conditions) and removing the causes;
    • Analysis of accident statistics to identify trends and common causes;
    • Management and selection of contractors and the control of visitors;
    • Provision of expert health and safety advice via the appointment of a competent safety advisor;
    • Adequate procedures for fire prevention, control and evacuation, and also procedures to deal with other emergencies g. bomb threats, chemical leaks etc. Regular testing of these procedures will be undertaken to ensure adequacy; and,
    • We will establish PPE standards and provide

Specific responsibilities and arrangements for implementing the policy are defined and detailed in MIPCO’s appropriate procedures and documents.