Limit the environmental impact of the plant’s operational activities.


Mirfa International Power & Water Company (MIPCO) is committed to environmental management, particularly the prevention of pollution and continual improvement in environmental performance, by setting annual targets and independent auditing against the ISO 14001 standard. We will care for the environment by adopting the appropriate environmental management practices and maintaining a business management system that will meet the requirements of the ISO: 14001 Environmental Management Systems standard. We are aware of our Environmental obligations as detailed in the Environmental Permit, PWPA and other associated Project Documents and we are fully committed to meeting these obligations to ensure the operation of the facility is in line with these requirements. We are also aware of the expectations of MIPCO shareholders and stakeholders, and we are fully committed to meeting those expectations and where possible exceeding them.

We will identify and evaluate the potential risk and impact to the environment from our operations, and actively manage and control the risk to an acceptable level. We will develop contingency plans in the event of an emergency, train our staff and regularly test the plan to assess the plans effectiveness and staff readiness. Measures will be adopted to facilitate the conservation of natural resources by maintaining, and, where practicable, improving the high level of efficiency achieved by the plant, minimising the use of raw materials and subsequent waste arising (“waste minimisation”), and the adoption of recycling and re-use initiatives.

We fully support the concept of consultation with our staff on Environmental matters and have established a staff forum for such consultation. We will clearly define and communicate responsibility for Environmental Management. This policy will be distributed to all staff and will be reviewed on an annual basis. Monitoring will be undertaken to facilitate the management of emissions and environmental impacts and other aspects of plant operations. The results of monitoring will be used to assess performance and for continuous improvement.


Key aspects of Environmental Management arrangements at MIPCO include:

    • Provision of appropriate levels of physical and financial resource to meet our obligations;
    • Identification and control significant risks by risk assessment;
    • Assessment of employee training needs based upon assessed hazards and compliance requirements;
    • Consultation with employees on through the health, safety and environmental forum;
    • Monitoring of emissions to land, sea and air;
    • Regular calibration of emission monitoring equipment;
    • Priority attention to environmentally sensitive equipment;
    • Regular site inspections;
    • Regular internal and external audits of our health and safety arrangements i.e. ISO 9001, 14001 ;
    • Reporting and investigating all accidents and incidents;
    • Reporting of leading indicators (at risk acts and conditions) and removing the causes;
    • Analysis of statistics to identify trends and common causes;
    • Management and selection of contractors;
    • Provision of expert advice via the appointment of a competent advisor;
    • Adequate procedures for incident management and control, regular testing of these procedures will be undertaken to ensure adequacy; and,
    • Regular testing of containment systems to ensure effectiveness in the event of an

Specific responsibilities and arrangements for implementing the policy are defined and detailed in MIPCO’s appropriate procedures and documents.